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David Kellock

Trtl NapScarf
Glasgow, Scotland

Trtl is the next generation of travel pillow, the Trtl Pillow is designed to quench tiredness on the go!

60-Second Interview

What inspired you to enterprise?
Sir Tom Farmer, a Scottish entrepreneur, spoke at Strathclyde University in 2009 which I found really inspiring, he's a reputable entrepreneur well-known for his tyre retailing business.
Richard Branson of course! and my best friend (business partner) Michael Corrigan.
Who was your biggest hero when you were young?
Arnold Schwarzenegger, I read his autobiography not that long ago and highly recommend it, he’s a fantastic goal setter!
Can you tell us about the first £10 you ever made?
My first paycheque from Spar!

And then our first sale from the TRTL product in December 2012 which also felt amazing!
How do you define success?
Success is the never ending pursuit of a great aspirational goal. What do you truly desire in life? Picture it, visualise it, imagine it and visualise it again. That’s the goal, now go and find a way to score. Reaching defined goals towards that greater goal, which have deadlines against them, making sure not to miss deadlines.
What has been the biggest challenge with your business so far?
We turned down £146,000 of investment and had to pay a £5000 law suit and £10000 loan back within one week. After this we had to take on £60,000 worth of debt, and we were down to £300 when we began to break even.
What is it that keeps you going through any tough times?
It used to be blind faith. You just have to keep pushing even when you can’t quite remember why. Now it’s easier to push through tough times because knowing that I am responsible for other peoples’ futures as well as my own is extremely motivating. We are out to build a global company and create the best jobs in the world for the team. We will hopefully be employing hundreds, if not thousands of people worldwide in the future, so if I give up now, those people who aren’t yet employed won’t get that life changing opportunity.
What is it that gets you out of bed in the mornings?
I love what I do, because every day that I get up and work hard, it means I get closer to the goal of building a great company which will have a significant positive impact on the world around it. Monday mornings are great, I look forward to them like I do a Friday evening.
Where do you see your business in 5 years' time?
£10 million turnover, which means a team of 20 happy, motivated people. We’ll have 3 core products on the market, with various designs of each. We’ll be in retail outlets in every European, North American, and Asian Country. We’ll have made a huge dent in the goal to quench tiredness on the go!
If you could give your teenage self one piece of advice what would it be?
I’m content with how far I’ve come and the progress I’ve made till this point. I don’t regret the path I’ve taken. So I would just say “Continue to believe in yourself, you can reach your potential if you work hard and read about great people”.