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Ricky Singh

Ricky Singh Personal trainer
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Ricky helps inspire people to re-energise their life and transform their body so they experience the highest levels of performance in all areas of life living happier, healthier and changing the way they live foreve

60-Second Interview

Who was your biggest hero when you were younger?
My biggest hero when I was younger was Prince Nazeem the boxer, he was the best and No 1. I strive to be the best and No1 in my business.
What initially attracted you to enterprise?
I was attracted to enterprise because I wanted to be my own boss and there were few jobs out there at the time.
Can you tell us about the first £10 you ever made?
I made my first £10 cleaning my folks house, I negotiated a rate for hovering and cleaning the bathroom. I remember being handed the money, it felt GREAT. This was the first time I realised that “you get paid for your sweat”
What has been your biggest challenge so far with your business?
The biggest challenge so far has been raising money but that all changed when I changed my attitude and saw it not as a lack of resources but a lack of resourcefulness. I sold my car and got what I needed – “when you change the way you look at something, the thing you are looking at changes.”
Who is it that keeps you going through any tough times?
ME! I keep myself going in tough times, I've realised I don’t like quitting!
What is it that gets you out of your bed in the morning?
Helping people gets me out of my bed in the morning. I have a purpose, to be part of people changing their lives.
How do you define success?
For me, reputation defines success – being known as the “go to guy” and the key person in my industry. I want people to think of my brand when they think of fitness.
Where do you see your business in 5 years’ time?
In 5 years, I see my business as being the No 1 training company in Scotland, perhaps even the world!
If you could give your “teenage self” one piece of advice, what would it be?
In hindsight, I would tell my teenage self not to rush into things, to relax and let it happen, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be – don’t push it.
If you could have any 1 person on your business contact list who would that person be and why?
Lord Sugar would make a great contact, he could assist my business. He seems to have an instant awareness of whether an idea will work or not.