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Vash Naidoo

Vash Naidoo - Mind Coach, Speaker, Trainer
Glasgow, United Kingdom

My passion is to help and inspire women who want to start a business or to become the successful entrepreneur they dream of being.

60-Second Interview

Who was your biggest hero when you were younger?
Honestly, I don’t think I had a hero, I had a difficult childhood and I wanted to get a better life. I knew deep down I wanted more out of life and had to work really hard to get ahead with not many opportunities around me.
What initially attracted you to enterprise?
For me it seemed like being your own boss was the greatest thing. I now realise it is still the greatest thing but requires a tremendous amount of work, dedication, resilience and motivation. In my coaching practise, it’s the sense of satisfaction helping someone live the best life they could have imagined for themselves. With the Wonder Women Club, it is knowing that the work we are doing is so valuable and needed to help women because I am a person who will always finds solutions to problems.
Can you tell us about the first £10 you ever made?
The first time I started earning money was making decorative bows and the likes for events. It was through my friends aunt who would get a contract and rope us in. Coming from a poor background, that little bit of cash meant a whole lot to me.
What has been your biggest challenge so far with your business?
My biggest challenge is right now with The Wonder Women Club, our growth and expansion globally. I am immensely passionate about our mission and the vision to do great things in the world by helping women to create successful businesses and lived along with inspiring young girls to create their own destiny on their terms. The vision is massive which means we need massive steps to make all this happen.
Who is it that keeps you going through any tough times?
My dad passed away when I was 9 years old and I have certain memories that are engraved in my heart. What gets me through all my difficulties was his belief in me, I want to make him proud and to leave positive & impactful legacy behind
What is it that gets you out of your bed in the morning?
Knowing that the world won’t change unless each and every person makes the effort to change it for the better. If all humanity can join forces for the greater good of all, the world will be a much better place for us all.
How do you define success?
For me success is having a fire in your belly for what you do, a heart filled with love and compassion, choosing kindness everyday and laughing as much as possible.
Where do you see your business in 5 years’ time?
I see both my coaching business and The Wonder Women club growing massively, reaching more people across the globe. My hope is for us to have a large online community, offering a ranges of services helping women grow their businesses, to have impacted a good number of young girls to enterprise into business and mostly important created a shift in a lot of mindsets.
If you could give your “teenage self” one piece of advice, what would it be?
As a teenager, I was very shy, awkward and an introvert. I needed more confidence and self-belief and strength to face all my hurdles.
If you could have any one person on your business contact list, who would that person be and why?
Tony Robbins, for starters a coaching session with him cost $1million, so I would save that! He is someone that has achieved a great amount of success whilst still being compassionate, I would love to learn from him.