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Joe Wall

The Cress Company
Dunfermline, United Kingdom

The company was started in 2004 by Joe Wall with a 30 square metre lock up and a second-hand van. Joe worked with five or six Scottish fine food manufacturers who were looking for better distribution throughout Scotland

60-Second Interview

Please give your name and then say who was your biggest hero when you were younger?
Joe Wall
What initially attracted you to enterprise?
I had always liked the idea of being my own boss.
Can you tell us about the first £10 you ever made?
Selling kindling to the local shop.
What has been your biggest challenge so far with your business?
Growing while still offering your customers the same service level.
Who is it that keeps you going through any tough times?
Doug's the dog, a good walk clears the head.
What is it that gets you out of your bed in the morning?
The desire to improve what we are doing.
How do you define success?
I'm not sure at which point you decide it's a success. Maybe when you get out.
Where do you see your business in 5 years’ time?
I would like it to continue to grow geographically and also diversify into some other business activities.
If you could give your “teenage self” one piece of advice, what would it be?
Things always take longer than you want.
If you could have any 1 person on your business contact list who would that person be and why?
Warren Buffet, someone who is prepared to look long term when making decisions.