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Frazer Reid

Cabinet Makers & Restoration Work
Kirkcaldy , United Kingdom

Whether you are looking to commission an item of furniture, to restore a treasured piece to its former glory, or even create a customised wooden surfboard, no job is too big or too small.

60-Second Interview

Please give your name and then say who was your biggest hero when you were younger?
Frazer Reid and my biggest hero when I was younger was Will Smith.
What initially attracted you to enterprise?
Once I had finished my furniture making course at the Chippendale furniture school I wasn't sure whether to work for someone else or set up my own business. I got one or two orders and before I really knew what had happened, I was running my own business, it all happened very quickly. I set up my own workshop and haven't looked back, its very rewarding working for yourself.
Can you tell us about the first £10 you ever made?
The first £10 I ever made was either made from gardening in the local area or catching lobsters at about the age of 10.
What has been your biggest challenge so far with your business?
Heating an insulating the workshop as it is just a stone farm building.
Who is it that keeps you going through any tough times?
Family and friends help get me through times when I'm stressing about deadlines and exhibitions coming up when I've got a week to go and still a hundred things to do.
What is it that gets you out of your bed in the morning?
I enjoy what I do and going to work isn't a choir so getting up isn't a problem. I want my business to do well and that will only happen through hard work. A few extra hours in bed would be nice sometimes but my view is work hard now relax later.
How do you define success?
I define success as being recognised for what I do and a happy customer at the end of each job.
Where do you see your business in 5 years’ time?
In 5 years time I would like to have expanded my workshop and be employing at lease one person if not more.
If you could give your “teenage self” one piece of advice, what would it be?
Take as many opportunities as you can whether it be a school trip or holiday with friends, do and experience as much as possible.
If you could have any 1 person on your business contact list who would that person be and why?
I would love to have Kelly Slater, a pro surfer in my contacts list to buy and promote my surfboards.