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Marissa Yassen

Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Marissa Yassen

Business has been a huge part of my life. Firstly through my father who arrived in the UK in 1974. He realised that his future belonged in his own hands and so he embarked on starting his own business at the age of 26 in a foreign country and with limited English. His motivation and enthusiasm has been of great inspiration to me.

After working for many years as a housing officer I decided to go into business providing car and motorcycle training. I had a fantastic 10 years with Pro-Scot and loved helping people achieve their dreams.

Now working both for the Prince’s Trust which supports young people into business aged between 18 & 30 and FRAE Fife which supports ethnic minorities find employment or start up their own business, I have been able to use my own hands on business experience and knowledge to help people achieve their own dreams.