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Promoting anti-sectarianism through Art at Kelvin College

Art students were called to take part in a project set byNil by Mouth, whereby either in groups or individually, they were to create apiece of art to promote NBM's mission against sectarianism.

Firstly, NBM delivered a presentation informing students on the importance of anti-sectarianism, why NBM do what they do and how. Presented with a brief, students were then asked to participate and create inspiring art to tackle sectarianism.

The next stage was exhibiting their art at Kelvin College where a judging panel would select the top 5 finalists. Here you can see some of the art produced:

After selecting the top 5, the candidates applied collectively towards the Bridge 2 Business grant to secure funding aimed at enhancing their art or adding new pieces to the competition! Once this stage was completed, the 5 finalists were invited to exhibit at Studio 93, where Adrian Wisniewski was there to select the top winner!

After chatting with all participants about the concepts behind their art and its meaning, Adrian selected the top piece:

The winning photo will be used as part of a campaign for NBMto help with their cause!

You can read more about the competition and watch relevant videos here!

Thanks a lot to everyone involved for making this brilliant project happen!