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Bridge 2 Business Inspirems - Popular Demand!

  • Bridge 2 Business Award winning Local Hero of 2016 -Saira Javed kick starts the new term with an inspiring session at West College Scotland, Clydebank

The new term has kick started very quickly at West College Scotland!

Day-by-day Bridge 2 Business are getting booked up for various inspirem sessions, masterclasses, workshops, challenges, events and even 1-2-1 meetings!

Bridge 2 Business Award Winning Local Hero of 2016: Saira Javed visited the Clydebank Campus today to 'inspires, supports and connects' the NC Make Up Artistry students towards enterprise and employability skills.

During the Inspirem Session, students were given knowledge about the Bridge 2 Business Programme and insight into an entrepreneur's journey, business experiences and industry knowledge. This gave the students the opportunity to network and interact with Saira on a 1-2-1 basis.

Other topics that were covered during this inspirem session were: business funding for a start up, advantages of a running your own business, business planning, building clientele, importance of LinkedIn to promote yourself within the industry and social media.

Towards the end of the session, students were asked to provide feedback on the how they felt the session went and if it was educational and inspiring...well that's exactly what we've managed to achieve in our first inspirem session - the students loved it!

One student quotes in her feedback:" very interesting and enjoyable session, I never knew there were many channels to business"

Our typical Inspirem session can last between 1 to 2 hours depending on the topic/subject(s) covered. And most importantly to suit/support the lecturer and the curriculum...