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Bridge 2 Business offer from Scottish Entrepreneur Magazine

We are delighted to offer another FANTASTIC BENEFIT to all of our Bridge 2 Business newsletter subscribers from our friends at Scottish Entrepreneur Magazine.

By signing up to our newsletter in the next month you will receive a special discount code which will give you a copy for the reduced price of £1.50 instead of the listed £3.75

Scottish Entrepreneur is a website and digital magazine created by Scottish entrepreneurs for Scottish entrepreneurs.

They endeavor to interview the finest business people and report on the Scottish entrepreneurial landscape with a view to inspiring the current business community and a new crop of startup businesses.

They publish interviews on their website and through their podcasts and will continue to develop ScottishEntrepreneur.comas a leading digital platform to inform, educate and entertain.

We were delighted to have a news article about our recent Westside Inspire Event on the site and put out a call to any of our Bridge 2 Business young entrepreneurs to contact Scottish Entrepreneur with a story!

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