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A magical Awards dinner | Scott Baird Magic

  • Festival of Youth Enterprise 2018 & Company Programme Awards
  • City of Glasgow College performing magic at dinner

2018 was the 2nd year of our annual Festival of Youth Enterprise (FoYE) - an event with two days full of enterprise, learning and enthusiasm!

During day 1, S1-S3 pupils were invited to attend talks and workshops by industry experts and entrepreneurs, and also spend time with stall holders from a variety of sectors!
Day 2, on the other hand, was focused on all Regional Company Programme winners. All teams from across Scotland were exhibiting products they created and sold throughout the year and also presented their ideas to a judging panel.

  • Read all about FoYE 2018 in detail through this link.

For the close of the event, during the evening, we had our National Company Programme Awards dinner presented by Rachel McTavish who was also the host for the duration of FoYE 2018.

Scott Baird, a City of Glasgow College student and excellent magician was invited to entertain guests during the dinner. Needless to say, this was a highlight of the evening for a number of people!

The highlight for Scott? Performing magic to Festival of Youth Enterprise Keynote Speaker and Still Game star, Sanjeev Kohli!

Scott Baird entertaining Sanjeev Kohli & Geoff Leask with his magic!Scott Baird entertaining Sanjeev Kohli & Geoff Leask with his magic!

The 19-year-old magician filled the room with excitement and screams of surprise, attracting attention from all guest tables!

Scott Baird said: "Performing magic at the Festival of Youth Enterprise was fantastic! It was a brilliant night and if I could do it again I would."

Watch him perform his magic tricks and get some of these good vibes and surprise elements:

Video Link: https://www.youtu.be/7omGpqi2DFA

Scott was introduced to the Bridge 2 Business team at the first Business Planning & Enterprise conference at City of Glasgow College. His talent and entrepreneurial spirit were shining through! Providing further opportunities to college students to help them grow these traits even further and get connected is what our programme is all about! so, it was a no-brainer to get him involved in the Awards dinner.

We cannot wait to work further with Scott and help him grow his idea through the Bridge 2 Business programme!

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