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Inspirational Five A Day: Marr-vellous way to end a Pitch Perfect day

Create, the regional hub for Bridge 2 Business within Inverness College UHI ran a student conference titled, ‘Get Inspired Across the Highlands and Islands’ across the UHI college network with speakers being hosted by 6 academic partners. The event reached over 250 students and, due to recordings of the sessions, will reach a great many more.

The final bite of your five-a-day saw us head East to MorayCollege, UHI where local celebrity Nicky Marr demonstrated how strong presentation skills can help you to become more engaging in business.

From a speculative phone call to a sales pitch, or from a chance meeting to formal networking, each interaction will be enhanced if you take time to plan what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. Great presentation skills are even more important for budding entrepreneurs, after all, how will you sell your product or service if you can’t sell it as a concept?

Nicky’s appeal was clear in the broad range of curriculum areas that were represented in the audience on the day and they left lifted by this inspirational talk “this session has really inspired self-belief”.

It was the perfect end to a fantastic day and rounding off the event Carol Langston, Head of CREATE, said: “The conference was an excellent opportunity for students, helping them see the brilliant entrepreneurial talent which is on their doorstep.

“These events givethem the confidence and encouragement to take those first steps intoself-employment while preparing for the demands of the modern workplace andlaying the solid foundations for a successful career.”