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RSE EnterpriseFellowship Programme is open to promising business ideas!

Applications are now open for the prestigious RSE Enterprise Fellowships, Scotland's leading-annual business development and training programme for the Higher Education sector. This programme enables promising science and technology academics or researchers to develop into successful entrepreneurs.

In a nutshell, Enterprise Fellows can focus solely on refining their business ideas, whilst receiving one year's salary, up to £10,000 support funding, as well as receiving one year's expert training in entrepreneurship and business development and access to mentors from Fellows of the RSE and other successful entrepreneurs in the business community. The value of the programme (funding and in-kind support) is estimated at £90,000 per EnterpriseFellow.

The RSEEnterprise Fellowship programme will ensure that you are supported and equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in today's fast-paced global business environment. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the potential to be truly life-changing.

If this is you, then please apply by the deadline of 17:00 on Wednesday 31 October 2018 at www.rse.org.uk

The current RSEEnterprise Fellowships are made available through the generous support of our funding bodies: Scottish Enterprise, BBSRC and BP.

RSE EnterpriseFellowship Facts:

Since the RSEEnterprise Fellowship programme was established in 1997, Enterprise Fellows have secured over £130 million of private and public funding and supported more than 240 graduates and researchers to develop and launch 166 new businesses, with companies formed across a variety of fields from 36UK academic institutions. Could you be next?

TheRSE Enterprise Fellowship explained:

The RSEEnterprise Fellowship programme is an important pillar of commercialisation support in helping achieve the ambitions of researchers and academic innovators who have promising business ideas.

TheEnterprise Fellowship programme creates an environment which nurtures, supports and accelerates the development of world-class research, entrepreneurs and commercialisation of products and processes with strong market opportunity from within academia to help them become investor ready and grow new companies of scale.

Each RSEEnterprise Fellowship has an estimated value of up to £90,000. Over the course of a year, RSE Enterprise Fellows receive:

time to focus solely on refining their business ideas one year's salary up to £10,000 business support funds expert training in entrepreneurship access to mentorship from Fellows of the RSE and other successful entrepreneurs in the business community professional networking opportunities membership of the RSE Entrepreneurs' ClubIf you are successfully chosen you will benefit from cutting-edge training to develop your business skills, delivered to the highest standard of international excellence by individuals who have a proven track record of commercial success.

The RSE Enterprise Fellowship Programme is built around a structured programme of business training and 'guided entrepreneurship' that starts with a 4-day'induction week' followed monthly thereafter by a series of 1 or 2-day training sessions, held at venues across the UK. These sessions cover the issues, opportunities and challenges, strategic as well as operational, that are faced by every founder of every new business.

Topics covered during the course of the Enterprise Fellowship year range from an introduction to the fundamentals of business; corporate governance and building& recruiting management teams and employees; through all aspects of business finance, financing the business, business and financial planning,investment & sales forecasting; to product marketing and the fundamentals of inbound marketing; the business development process and managing your product. There are sessions on personal presentation skills and we also spend time examining the personal and professional challenges that all founders face when starting and growing a business. It's highly interactive as well as being demanding and rewarding.

And there's more! In addition to the training and funding benefits, all Enterprise Fellows become part of the RSE Entrepreneurs' Club, a prestigious group which includes investors, past awardees, business experts, professional advisers and RSEFellows.

The current RSEEnterprise Fellowships are made available through the generous support of our funding bodies: Scottish Enterprise, BBSRC and BP. Do you know which award is relevant for you?

For more information visit www.rse.org.uk

Useful to know:

One application form enables you to describe your business idea and entrepreneurial potential and apply across several funded programmes. Please note that the same application form should be used for all Enterprise Fellowships, regardless of the funder.

If you are thinking of applying, we recommend that you contact your university or research institute technology transfer or commercialisation office as early as possible to allow for any necessary IP checks to be carried out.

Our website is crammed full of useful information to help applicants from FAQs, T&Cs and application guidance. We are even hosting workshops offering practical application preparation advice!

What happens after the closing date?

The RSEEnterprise Fellowship programme will evaluate applications against four criteria: effectiveness of technology, market potential, commercialisation potential, and the potential of the individual to succeed in business.

The expert selection committee will review all applications after the closing date and invite shortlisted applicants for interview. The formal training programme will start early April 2019 with 'induction week' and discovery meetings when an announcement will be made about the cohort.

Website for more information and to apply:

www.rse.org.uk and specifically https://www.rse.org.uk/awards/enterprise-fellowships/