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40 UNDER 40: Scotland 2016

Bridge 2 Business have a great track record of connecting FE College students with relevant, up and coming, young Scottish Entrepreneurs who are making a direct difference to the UK economy. That’s not an easy task, when you consider how busy they must be running a company. Makes it all the more impressive that these Small Business Owners give so freely of their time to pay it forward, offering advice and supporting the next generation of Scottish Entrepreneurs.

Which is why the Bridge 2 Business team are delighted to see that some of our Local Heroes, Mentors and Support Partners that come in to meet with our students have been recognised in the Scottish Business News Network 40 Under 40 List.

Andrew Dobie - Founder and Managing Director of Made Brave

Leah Hutcheon - Founder and Chief Executive of Appointedd

Kallum Russell - Co-founder of Acorn Enterprise

Bruce Walker - Founder of We Are The Future

Heidi Barnes - Entrepreneur Strategy Manager at RBS

Lucy-Rose Walker - Co-founder and CEO, Entrepreneurial Spark

Kendra Byers, Managing Director, Startedinburgh

Quite an Inspirational squad! If you are looking to get connected to any of the 40Under40 List, you can find details here