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  • Try our 4 week programme and make money!
  • Students pledge £10 each and create a micro business

Are you aged 16-19 and attending a Scottish college?

Fancy starting up and running your own business? How about making some money to go with that? Yes? Then get involved in our Tenner Challenge! Over four weeks, students use £10 pledges to get their student business ideas off the ground and make as much profit as they can. Here's how...

Four Week Programme Plan

1 - Here's a tenner! Students research and decide on a product or service to invest their tenners in.

2 - Getting started: Teams need to source materials or products, prepare sales pitches, and plan selling events

3 - Keep it going. Students get their product or service ready and promote their selling events!

4 - Payback and keep the profits! At end of the Challenge students calculate their profit and repaying £10 pledge plus £1 legacy contribution.

Check out how the Tenner Challenge could contribute to your coursework too: https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/filesccc/YES-TennerChallenge.pdf

For more information: Contact your Bridge2Business Programme Executive within your college, and get involved!


Students participating in Young Enterprise at their selling event!Students participating in Young Enterprise at their selling event!