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Students Travel To Holland For An Entrepreneurial Learning Experience!

  • West Lothian & Forth Valley College Students Visit Holland
  • Students Develop Entrepreneurial Thinking & Skills

International Student Trip To Holland "An Entrepreneurial Journey" Develop Enterprising Students!

Its Global Entrepreneurship Week, with education being a key theme! Through the Bridge 2 Business programme our goal is to inspire, connect and support students into enterprise, but also develop their skills through enterprise activity!

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a collection of tens of thousands of events, activities and competitions each November that inspire millions to explore their potential as an entrepreneur while fostering connections and increasing collaboration within their ecosystems.

Last month, six students from West Lothian & Forth Valley College boarded a plane from Glasgow - the destination? The Netherlands!

With it being Global Entrepreneurship week, we thought it would be the perfect time to reflect back on the exciting trip to Holland, in partnership with our Bridge 2 Business programme and The Dutch Foundation Of Innovation.

"...Providing the right information and tools to those with an interest in entrepreneurship can foster creativity and skills to grow sustainable businesses - improving not only local entrepreneurial ecosystems, but also strengthening the skilled job force."

Source: Global Entrepreneurship Network

It wouldn't be a trip to Holland without a windmill!

We arrived on the 5th October in South Holland to start an exciting 3 week programme - "An Entrepreneurial Journey", in partnership with Dutch Foundation Of Innovation & Young Enterprise Scotland! Students from Forth Valley College & West Lothian College stayed in South Holland for the next 3 weeks, lots of opportunity to explore and visit other places!

After a few days to settle in, and of course visiting a windmill, we are all ready to start Day 1 of the programme!

Here we all are with Pieter from The Dutch Foundation Of Innovation on the first day!

Here are a few of us at the top of said windmill!

Over the next few days students decided that a career in modelling could be an option, after an impromptu photoshoot...Do you like our family portrait?

Students started to learn more about "Brand You" and how they can use their own brand to gain opportunities, as well as using social media as a platform. They also began to learn more about entrepreneurship, and what it means to them. Later that week we had a visit to Leiden to meet with entrepreneurs, and some exploring!

Family Portrait

The trip to Leiden we all loved! Not only is it a beautiful city, but students were welcomed into AREA071 by founder - Bart Hoenen.

We were shown around the co-working entrepreneurial space, and learned about the businesses that work and develop there. Afterwards, students heard inspiring start up stories from entrepreneurs, including Bart. Everyone felt inspired and motivated!! Some well deserved leisure time in the afternoon to explore Leiden too.

Over the next few days, Pieter took the students through a workshop that focuses on personal branding. They then started thinking about their own ideas. They also began a marketing project which is aimed at those recovering from addictions and preparing them for work.

Students from West Lothian & Forth Valley College at Area 071


After the first week on Holland, students were given assignments to work on, and will worked on them through the following week too. On our first weekend, we headed to a very rainy Rotterdam, and saw some of the sights.

Here are a few of us in a rainy Rotterdam at the Erasmus Bridge!

The second week seen us visit Den Haag aka The Hague! What a beautiful part of Holland, with lots to see and do. Students were given assignments from The Hague & Partners, which related to driving #tourism to The Hague. They focused on digital marketing; and visited many hot spots. They were given maps and free passes to some of the top attractions and museums in the Hague.

Getting their assignments within the World Trade Centre at The Hague!

They were given good old fashioned maps to get around!

In our last few days in Holland *sob sob* We had the pleasure of visiting Makers Unite, an incredible social enterprise based in Amsterdam. Makers Unite transform the lives of refugees. The sales of their products provide working opportunities. By turning used life-jackets worn by refugees into something new, it brings newcomers, refugees and locals together to create sustainable products, that carry a powerful positive message of connecting across cultures. Visiting with some students was a very special experience. We heard stories from the refugees which were deeply moving, but also uplifting. Thank you Thami Schweichler & Moustasem for the warm welcome.

Here we had the opportunity to take a part some of the used lifejackets, which will be made into products!

Thank you Makers Unite for welcoming us into your business!

It was a jam packed three weeks, with the students gaining great learning, and experiences! I thought at one point it was going to be a struggle to get them back on the plane to Scotland! But as you see from the picture below, we were happy to be home!

Holland was an incredible experience for all of us, and will be something we'll remember for a very long time. When can we go back!?

Back in Glasgow after an incredible trip away!