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Building Blocks For An Entrepreneur

What are the indicative traits of a great entrepreneur? Persistence, innovative, vision, creativity with a real sprinkling of tenacity?

Well at 14 years of age Morgan Spence, founder of Morgspenny Productions, has all of the above and many more

From a young age he always had been interested in the popular toy, Lego. Having, over the years, collected many sets, he decided to bring his creations to life using an animation technique called stop-motion and so born was Morgspenny Productions at the age of 12.

Since those early days, now at the age of 14, his short animated films have had over 2 million views on YouTube and he has delicered projects for world famous DJ Paul Oakenfold as well as the British Red Cross and Studio Roam.

Morgan brought his story to life to inspire students and staff at the City of Glasgow College recently telling the tale of his audacious approach to Paul Oakenfold and sharing the inside track on his plans for the future

Morgan is one entrepreneur to watch out for in the future!