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Be Your Own Boss Day 2017

Bridge 2 Business and Elevator inspired over 600 students in North East Scotland College (NESCol) at yesterday's annual Be Your Own Boss Day (BYOB).

BYOB is aimed at all students in North East Scotland College who want to 'make working for yourself work for you'.

Throughout the day students were invited to hear from 4 local entrepreneurs sharing their entrepreneurial experiences, highlighting the highs and lows of being self-employed and providing valuable advice for the aspiring entrepreneurs of NESCol. BYOB was hosted by Business Gateway Operations Manager, Roz Taylor.

Our fabulous speakers...

Claire Cargill, Clairity

Clairity specialises in completing the tasks that are stopping businesses from doing what they are really good at. Clairity helps businesses with strategic plans but their most important attribute is that we help you to execute your plans.

Claire spoke about confronting fears and 'getting on the boat!'
'Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we will go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it' - Judy Blume.

Collette Norval, Squad

Our mission is simple; to push the boundaries of social enterprise, create a global brand and generate millions of pounds for good causes.

Collette highlighted her 'Series of Fortunate Events' starting from school. Collette's story is inspiring to say the least- working around the world with Tom Hunter, Saltire Foundation and not to mention Shakira!

Keith Bell, The Rhythm Box

The Rhythm Box makes music fun. The best way to learn music at any age is to get opportunities to play. Whether it be in lessons, recording, gigging or playing together with others we can help you achieve your goals and build confidence too!

Keith highlighted the 'Myths of Starting a Business' one being, you need lots of money- which Keith proved the audience wrong by sharing how he started The Rhythm Box with no money and has not received any funding since starting 6 years ago!

Andrew Davidson- AS D-Zine

AS D-Zine Ltd is a product design company based in Scotland. We are currently developing several products which are innovative within their field. The range of products vary, however the core principles of innovation and IP potential are present within all.

Andrew shared his passion for product design and gave the audience top tips for creating pitches. Andrew is no stranger to pitching as he stunned the first minister when pitching at Elevator last year!

Enterprise Village

An Enterprise Village took place in Dino's café area of the college, representatives from organisations who support the enterprise eco-system locally and nationally came along. Bridge 2 Business were joined by:

Acvo, who is the Third Sector Interface for Aberdeen City. We exist to develop, involve, represent and support the voluntary, charity and social enterprise organisations in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Business Network Community, Aberdeen's Online Business Community. Over 6000 members, growing daily. Connect, engage, raise your profile, win more business (£12m+ to date) - and it's FREE!

Business Gateway, a publicly funded service contributing to the economic well-being of Scotland by providing access to free business support services. We give assistance and impartial advice to people starting or growing their business.

Scottish Institute for Enterprise, creates opportunities for students to be innovative. SIE works nationally to promote and support enterprise and entrepreneurship in Scotland's students.

Elevator, a social enterprise dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurs, business leaders and employees of today and tomorrow.

Expert advice was given to students including registering a business, VAT and tax queries.

NESCol = #MakingItHappen!