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Amazing pitching by NC Business students

  • City of Glasgow College NC Business students pitch!

Another year at City of GlasgowCollege supporting a class of NC Business students working towards completing their last block of studies with guidance from their lecturer, Pamela Barron.As part of this unit, students are grouped into teams of 4-5 and tasked with researching a business. This research is then used to find a complementary product or service, bring this idea to life and pitch it!

Businesses involved this year were Trtl and My Customer Lens, represented by David Kellock and Paul Roberts respectively. David and Paul were initially invited to talk about their enterprise journey and business. They not only informed students further about the background of their business to help students with their unit, but also inspired them to work any business ideas and potentially follow up and action them!

David Kellock talked about Trtl pillow, how he started the business, the support he received from various organisations, highlighting also entrepreneurial traits, such as perseverance.Paul Roberts talked about his newest business, My Customer Lens, and his passion of collection, analysis and positive action to customer feedback. He also shared his own 60-second pitch!

Students showed interest in both business and asked many insightful questions that would also help with their unit preparation.Next steps were for students to be grouped and assigned to one of the two businesses, research them and follow onto ideation stage for a complementary product/ service. Once that was done, they performed surveys to see whether potential customers would be interested in the idea. Then all teams applied for funding from Bridge 2 Business, created branding, a pitch and brought their idea to life!

On May 19th, all groups pitched their ideas to the judging panel, which consisted of David Kellock, Paul Roberts andChristina Christopoulou. All ideas were brilliant and included, amongst others, a customer feedback app, portable tray for flights (including room for phone, tablet, charger), loyalty schemes. The judging panel had a very tough time selecting the top 2 winners, but finally concluded that the scent travel set and app ideas should get the 1st place, although all ideas were equally amazing!

Pamela Barron mentioned: "Another amazing City of Glasgow College NC Business Enterprise pitch day! Class of 2016/17 didn't disappoint!!! Year on year our business students continue to excel and soar in their development. Working with businesses to develop new innovative concepts for their portfolios and bringing theory to life. The NC course is such a valuable programme for learners to develop their education and essential skills."

Well done to all the students that participated!