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Borders College Students Association get Enterprising

  • Students Association learn about Bridge 2 Business
  • Next steps to focus on Digital Skills and YES My Enterprise Report

The Students Association at Borders College were involved in an Enterprise workshop, organised by Catherine Elliot, Learning and Teaching Director at the Galashiels Campus. As part of the morning session, the students got to design their own Border's College tartan, and pitched their ideas to class mates and Brian McEwan, Programme Manager from Young Enterprise Scotland.

Brian also showed the students what additional support and guidance was available for all students through Bridge 2 Business, and where students could learn and develop their enterprise, digital and business skills.

The Accenture Digital Skills Programme, available through FutureLearn, and the My Enterprise Profile tool were showcased, allowing the students to get some really useful insights into how valuable their current skills are, and how they could use those skills to help them in future employment.

Watch this space for more terrific engagement with the Entrepreneurial Students and Young People from across the Scottish Border's Region - and who knows, the next Bob Keiller or Geoff Leask could be sitting in a Borders College class room ready to be another inspirational role model for the region!