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Branding and Your Online Presence

  • Andrew Scott of Victus Consultancy
  • Hosted by Perth College UHI
  • Student Groups attended - HNC Business (Perth); HNC Events (Inverness) and NC Media (Inverness) and NC Business (Argyll) - 24 students and staff attended

As part of the Get Inspired entrepreneurship conference, open to all students of the colleges that make up the University of the Highlands and Islands partnership, Andrew Scott of Victus Constultancy from Perth College UHI joined us as the first speaker of the day. Andrew focussed his talk on personal branding for a consultant; the importance of building an online profile and business presence; and building a portfolio of businesses as an entrepreneur.

Andrew Scott of Victus Catering ConsultancyAndrew Scott of Victus Catering Consultancy

Student feedback included:

"No matter what happens, keep trying. He showed that it does take a long journey and lots of hurdles along the way but you will get there eventually." - HNC Events student

"This has made me think of how I can do the same type of online business." - NC Media student.