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Edinburgh College Graduate’s First Venture is Set to Be a S’Wheat Success

After seeking support and funding from Bridge 2 Business, Amee Ritchie and her business partner Jake Elliot Hook are taking the plastic problem head on with their environmentally friendly water bottle company "S'Wheat".

Video Link: https://www.youtu.be/_6xlNyWPpB8

Developed in response to the growing demand for alternatives to single use plastic within the packaging industry, the "S'Wheat" bottle will fill a gap in the market for a truly biodegradable and fully washable reusable water bottle. Amee said: "We created the bottle as a solution to reduce plastics from damaging the environment. We wanted a bottle which was long-lasting, naturally anti-odour and practical, after not being able to find this on the market we decided to create the S'wheat Bottle.". Made entirely from plant-based materials, the S'wheat bottle will fully biodegrade within 2-years of being placed in the ground, a mere 998 years shorter than the average plastic water bottle.

Amee first reached out to Bridge 2 Business for support whilst studying at Edinburgh College and applied for our market test grant of £100 to develop her prototypes and branding. After leaving college in summer 2018, Amee and Jake continued to work on their bottle, seeking further funding and support from Business Gateway, Princes' Trust, FirstPort, and after reaching the top 30 of the Converge Challenge, S'wheat took up residence at Queen Margaret University's Business Innovation Zone.

Edinburgh College graduate, Amee Ritchie and Queen Margaret University graduate, Jake Elliot Hook have co-founded the eco water bottle company S'wheatAmee Ritchie

S'wheat are preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign in January 2019 which will give them the funds to kickstart production and get their bottles into large retailers as well making them available through their own website and locally in stores.

Check out S'wheat on social media and look out for their Kickstarter in January 2019.