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Edinburgh Start-up Turtle Pack Is Live On Kickstarter

Turtle Pack® is a fun swimming aid designed to make learning to swim faster, more effective and more enjoyable.

I am very excited to see that Turtle Pack are launching their Kickstarter, I first heard about the innovative product last year whenTurtle Pack were working with Edinburgh based consultancy firm Freshsight to assess the best route to market and build their brand. I am thrilled to see the beautiful brand that founder and CEO Michael Harkins has built around the character of Tiki the Turtle.

I was particularly excited about how different from a typical set of armbands or water wings Turtle Pack is. Founder Michael used his10 year's experience of teaching over 1000 children to swim to design a new product that allows children to swim more naturally while using swimming aids.

It is extremely refreshing when a young entrepreneur like Michael takes the support available in Scotland's amazing start-up ecosystems and I really hope to see Turtle Pack become the norm at beaches and swimming pools, not only in Scotland but across the world.

If you know someone who could benefit from using a TurtlePack to learn to swim then why not get one on Kickstarter, the early bird discount has already gone and Turtle pack seem well on their way to reaching their goal of £10,000, so be quick or you might have to wait for them to hit retail.