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Four ways art and beauty can strengthen a local economy by can do places

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A group of enterprising people in Alexandria have been working at reviving the fortunes of the Mitchell Way shops.

Susan Maxwell is at this campaign's forefront and wants to rebuild the local economy by setting up a collaborative Can Do Space focusing on creative business.

Alexandria's 1970s shopping centre has become tired and some of its major stores have put down the shutters for the final time. Many places across the country are facing this - leading to plummeting footfall and high unemployment.

On the principle of "do something" Susan started by filling a forlorn space with an arts and crafts centre just in time to give some small businesses a pre-Christmas boost. Now she has her eyes firmly set upon the next stage; setting up a larger version called the Loch Lomond Craft Centre to bring a new sense of pride and beauty to Alexandria.

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