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Fresh Start 2017 Prizes!

Freshstart 2017 is only 2 days away! So we thought we'd reveal the prizes that we have secured for you!

During the event, you will be able to participate in our idea competition. Upon registration, you will receive an entry card for the competition where you can tell us more about your business idea. The competition will be running until 3pm on the day of the event and you can submit by leaving your card at the registration desk.

Three candidates will be selected to pitch their idea in front of our panel. Don't panic though, it will be more like an informal discussion so if you are stuck the panel will help you by asking questions!

Additionally, some lucky winners will be chosen through our raffle. To enter that we ask you to submit the relevant raffle card. This is a sheet with questions about our stalls! Throughout the event you will be able to interact with various supporting agencies and entrepreneurs that will be there through a stall. The card will simply help you familiarise yourselves with the stall holders!
Once you answer all of these questions you will be able to drop your card into our raffle box for a chance to win some prizes too!

But what are these prizes? You can see them all below:
- Tickets to the Start-up Summit in Edinburgh on the 1stof November
- 1-week free hot-desking at Clockwise
- Enterprise books to help you start up!
- Usb chargers

Many thanks for Clockwise and the Start-up Summit for their support through the prizes!