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Michele Aaen, Head of Events for DC Thomson inspires HND Events & Tourism Students at Ayrshire College

Michele Aaen, Head of Events, DC Thomson

Michele Aaen visited Ayrshire College this week, to deliver an inspiring and educational workshop to give HND Events and Tourism students an insight into the Scottish and UK events industry, and the opportunities this sector has to offer.

Born and raised in Ayrshire, Michele's career has taken her from launching the events team at MediaScotland Events, where she became Director of Events and Business, to now heading up the event's team at DC Thomson.

The workshop covered all the essentials for students considering a career in the event industry including, events management, marketing and creatives, funding and commercial sponsorship and social media and PR.

Michele Aaen, Head of Events, DC Thomson Michele Aaen, Head of Events, DC Thomson

Michele brought her vast knowledge and experience into the workshop and provided a Time Lapse Video from The Young Scot Awards, which shows the build up, running and breakdown of an event - a real eye opener to see all the jobs and organisation which goes into an event from start to finish.

Time Lapse Video - Young Scot Awards 2016Video Link: https://www.youtu.be/Rgi7EW4P-Mc

The workshop ended with a Q&A, which saw majority of the students enquiring about work experience and how to gain more knowledge in sponsorship management, and fundraising.

The HND Events students are planning their own group event projects for 2019, and after learning more about the events industry in the workshop they are now thinking about the various roles, organisation and funding needed to make their event a success.

Bridge 2 Business are able to offer further mentoring and advice for the student's event business ideas, and the students have also been offered work experience with DC Thomson, to get a hands on understanding of what an event manager's role involves.