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“Reinvent the Wheel” competition at our WESTSIDE event!

Bridge 2 Business are having their annual WESTSIDE event on the 26th April at CitizenM Glasgow Hotel. The event will be packed with inspiring talks, useful workshops and entrepreneurial spirit.

Garry Stewart, the inventor of LooBlade, will be opening the event and was the inspiration for our competition! LooBlade is like your typical toilet brush, but better. Lasts for ages, doesn't drip and its microbial blades kill all germs!

The wheel was reinvented centuries ago,

Gary reinvented the toilet brush,

What item will YOU reinvent?

Until the 10th April, we are collecting submissions for the competition. Do you have a product in mind that could be much more efficient? Maybe you have a service in mind that would benefit a twist? What really annoys you that could be done better? LET US KNOW!

To enter the competition, simply tweet us your idea with the hashtag #B2Binspire, we will follow up with a form asking for more details.

Don't have twitter? You can enter your idea immediately through the form!

We look forward to hearing what your little brains come up with!