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Ross Grattan wins Bridge 2 Business Champion of the Year Award

Ross came to Dundee & Angus College as a mature student in Animation. His passion for design, especially in craft beer, started before college in 2014, when Ross spent several years travelling around the world working in different bars. Back home in Dundee he began to keep his favourite unique bottles that he enjoyed with friends.

The collection grew until one winter Ross realised the flat had been taken over by these bottles. Then came the light bulb moment and he decided to begin using the labels to create sets of coasters, and ever since has been developing Blue Bottle Craft within Dundee and Angus College incubator space.

Blue Bottle Craft specialises in upcycled bottle labels from various craft beers to sentimental champagne or even a collection of malt whisky. Now, Blue Bottle Craft offer all label types and framed collections of specific beverages. Ross relies heavily on social media to build his brand, and unveiled designs on his social media network on a weekly basis which has proved highly beneficial, recently featuring on STV news. Now studying at The University of Dundee, Ross continues to build his customer base and is approached regularly by prospects requesting one off pieces of work to feature in their premises.

Over the past few years, Ross has encountered numerous challenges including intellectual property, copyright, learning about business plans and finance, making full use of the enterprise eco-system available, which he would not have known about without the support of Bridge 2 Business and D&A Incubator. Ross now sees himself as an entrepreneur, and time spent between his studies and bar management job is spent committed to his business progression plans.

It is his enterprising spirit & attitude, energy and commitment to all of his responsibilities that Young Enterprise Scotland were delighted to recognise Ross Grattan as the inaugural Bridge 2 Business College Champion of the Year for 2015/2016!