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Started a business within the last two years? Complete this survey for a research project!

  • Entrepreneurs with young business wanted for research
  • PhD student looking for participants to fill out survey
  • Complete the questionnaire in a few minutes
  • Represent Scotland in European wide study

A PhD student in Seville is carrying out research on entrepreneurship across European countries and looking for participants from Scotland to complete her survey.

Individuals who have started an enterprise within the last two years are encouraged to participate in this research project.

Here is the link to the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/r2TGYbpuIrU0En4G2

The questionnaire has six parts that correspond to different areas of your career and personal project. Answers are anonymous and confidential.

The research aims to demonstrate competences thatentrepreneurs put into action when carrying out an entrepreneurial project andinformation obtained will be used to discover areas for improvement in professionguidance services for entrepreneurship.