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What can a story of brand evolution teach us?

We recently came across Yva's rebranding story. Yva started her business back in 2012 and has been a Local Hero supporting Young Enterprise Scotland and Bridge 2 Business for quite a while.

Now, her rebranding story has a powerful message and is a great example of how startups begin. Some aspects of the business will be basic in the beginning with the central idea being that of keeping a cost-effective structure and prioritizing the important parts that need funding. As the business evolves with time, these can be reconsidered and upgraded if needed. These are some of the hard decisions entrepreneurs have to make at the start of their business journey.

All this is portrayed below in Yva's blog about rebranding from Business Boost Support to Content Boost. The reason why this story is so impactful is because many self-starters believe that everything needs to be perfect in the beginning. Unfortunately, this holds some of them back from their dream of starting a business. Others might also spend time worrying about resources or funding, when instead they could be focusing on attracting their first customers. Don't let this stop you!

Scroll down to read Yva's inspiring story and learn more about business through her decision-making and amazing progress!

You can read the story below or follow this link for the original post!

Many thanks to Yva Yorston for sharing her blogpost with us.

If you've been following me on social media for the past couple of weeks, you'll have noticed I've been dropping hints about a big announcement.

Well, the day is finally here!

The news is - we're rebranding!

And not just a wee logo refresh either. Oh no! We're going the whole shebang. In a couple of weeks, Boost Business Support will be no more...

Because I'm changing the name to Content Boost.

"Why?" you might ask! Well, I'm going to tell you the whole story.

But first, I want you to know that the big switchover will be happening on Friday 2nd February 2018. We'll be moving to a new domain,www.contentboost.co.uk, and some of our contact details will be changing too.

Don't worry, though, I'll keep you in the loop. For now, let's take a little trip down memory lane!

Why did I choose Boost Business Support?

I took quite a bit of care over choosing my business name when I started up. It was my baby, after all!

At the time, "boost" was a popular term amongst my friends. It felt young, cool and positive (like me! haha), but it also said what I hoped to achieve for my clients. I wanted them to feel uplifted, having gained their time back and offloaded their stress by delegating to me.

Before I learned about virtual assistance, a "business support service" was the way I described my idea. I decided to stick with it, because I knew that virtual assistance would be a relatively unknown term in Aberdeen.

So I settled on "Boost Business Support".

To be completely honest, back then, I didn't really know what the business was going to be. My service offering was essentially a list of every administrative or research-based task that I could turn my hand to.

Therefore, it seemed wise to keep the name as broad as possible; it would allow me some wiggle room to evolve over time, without having to change it.

How did the brand evolve?

I created my own logo in Word, designed and printed my own business cards and set up my own website. Start with what you've got, right? It was enough to get me off the ground.

But it wasn't too long before I asked Fiona, a graphic designer who I'd met through networking, to cast her professional eye over it.

I had acquired an old typewriter, which once belonged to my aunt. It seemed the perfect focal point for an administrative service. Fiona used a typewriter font to tie it into the logo and designed me some fab, retro-styled business cards to go with it.

For the first time, I had a brand!

After a couple of years, and three iterations of self-designed websites, it was time to go fully professional. I had established myself enough that I had the capital to reinvest, so I engaged Fiona again to design a fully customised WordPress theme for me.

I loved this website, as did my visitors, who frequently complimented me on it.In fact, looking at it again now, I still love it.

From this experience, I learned the power of hiring experts. Having a professionally designed website and business cards elevated the brand to a whole new level.I'd had professional photographs taken to go with it, and the combination really cemented my credibility as a service provider.

What challenges did I have with the brand?

Having said all that, over the years, I did become aware of a few issues with the name. Firstly, it's a bit of a mouthful! When answering the phone, or introducing myself at networking events, it could be difficult for people to catch.

For this reason, it wasn't always memorable. People would remember "boost", but not the rest. I'd often be introduced as "Business Boost", "Boost Business Services" or "Boost Business Solutions".

It's never a good sign when even your close associates can't get your business name right!

Why did I decide to rebrand?

But it was in 2016 when I decided to specialise in blog management services, that it became clear that my first brand's days were numbered.

We had narrowed down from a wide range of small business services to just one. I tried to adapt my existing website to reflect this new focus, taking down pages that were no longer relevant and updating what was left.

It was still early days in this new specialism, and I didn't want to rush into changing the brand too soon. But I knew it didn't quite fit anymore. Our service was now very specific, and the name was so general that it said nothing about who we are or what we do.

I found myself explaining my intention to rebrand at every coffee meeting I had! Eventually, it reached the stage where I felt that operating as Boost Business Support was causing confusion and preventing prospective customers from grasping what we offer.

I had now been delivering our blog management services for over a year, and had a much clearer picture of our service packages, the value we provide and who our ideal customers are. It was time for a change.

Choosing a name for the next chapter

In that 12 months after I pivoted the business, I had a lot of time to think about what my new name should be. It had to be short and simple. It had to explain what we do. But it also had to have continuity - I still wanted to be recognisable within my network, and acknowledge the evolution of the business.

I played around with a few ideas, but it didn't take long to settle on the one.It simply ticked all the boxes...

Content Boost

It's just perfect, right? Does what it says on the tin. We boost our clients' blog content. We help them produce effective blog posts consistently, more often, and with better results.

So with that decision made, and a new domain bought (www.contentboost.co.uk), it was time to take the plunge and embark on the process of rebranding.

And there was no one else I'd rather have turned to than Fiona! Having now worked with her on four previous projects, and recommended her to countless friends and contacts, I trusted her implicitly to interpret my ideas and deliver something awesome.

We've spent the last 3 months developing a completely new brand identity - new logo, new business cards, and a new website. It brings together everything I have been working on this past couple of years to evolve the business. Turns out the brand was the missing piece.

I can't wait to show you!

But good things come to those who wait. You'll have to tune in next week for the big reveal

Inthe meantime, put this date in your diary - Content Boost goes live on Friday 2nd February 2018, at a new address, www.contentboost.co.uk.

PS: Don't panic if you forget! The current domain and email addresses will still get to the right destination, even after we've made the switch.