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YE Start Up Launching at Glasgow University

  • UK Wide Business Start Up Competition
  • Enterprising Glasgow Uni students will gain vital skills
  • Winners to represent Scotland at UK Finals in London next May

The Adam Smith Business School at The University of Glasgow to run YE Start Up Programme in 2019

Video Link: https://www.youtu.be/nchOnRuCO30

Young Enterprise Scotland works with over 15,000 students and young people every year. The Start Up programme has inspired FE College and HE University level students across the country to set up and run a real business or social enterprise over the academic year.

Start-Up is the definitive curriculum enrichment programme that supports a wide range of courses from Creative Arts, Sports Science to Business or Management Studies.

Start-Up has been specifically designed for Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) to enhance the educational experience and deepen learning. By participating in the programme students not only understand what skills employers are looking for but they have the opportunity to develop, apply and model these skills in a practical, real life business environment.

We know that not every student who takes part in the Start-Up programme will want to start their own business, but in an increasingly competitive job market, where more people than ever before are graduating from College and University, students increasingly need to find a way of creating their own networks and setting themselves apart from their peers.

In 2018, West College Scotland were represented by Team MOYA - Minds Of Young Artists, a creative student-led Social Enterprise who aim to promote and sell student art work. At the UK Final in Loughborough, MOYA student, Sophie Westwood, came away with the UK Start Up Student of the Year Award, sponsored by The Anjool Malde Memorial Trust.

Nineteen year old Sophie, a HNC Graphic Design student, didn't have a typical journey to that award, and had some significant challenges to overcome.

"Looking back, I realise that whatever I was doing, I was acting the same way as I was with my friends when I was out socialising.

"Through my experience with MOYA and the Young Enterprise Scotland programmes, I progressed from being a student with disciplinary issues, a bad attitude toward others, a disappointing attendance record and who was showing poor progress, to being one of the students most admired by staff and my peers, producing excellent work, and finally becoming a leader and key player in MOYA."

Brian McEwan, the Programme Manager for Young Enterprise Scotland, said: "To take this honour ahead of thousands of students in a UK-wide competition is a fantastic achievement for Sophie and for MOYA. We're very proud of all the Start Up students involved.

"The Start Up Programme is very intense and runs across the full academic year. Students need to develop their ideas, consider their business strategy, devise a business plan, compose a mission statement and ultimately sell what they produce. Everything that's needed in a real-life business - and all at the same time as their regular studies.

"For MOYA, the product is the work of very talented creative students at West College Scotland. The social enterprise is a business first and foremost and its main aim is to generate sales. MOYA is on a mission to leave a legacy that teaches future students valuable and relevant enterprise skills.

"Sophie's accolade demonstrates the impact that enterprise programmes such as Bridge 2 Business and Start Up can have within Further and Higher Education."

To get involved, teams need to get online to register their business.

Contact Brian McEwan at brian.mcewan@yes.org.uk or

Dr Jillian Gordon at jillian.gordon@glasgow.ac.uk

Happy Hunting to all the Glasgow Uni students!